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Welcome to Codeuino Wiki

Know about Codeuino

A Non-Profit, Open Source Organisation driven by Volunteers across the globe. This organization develops various solutions for the Various people across this planet who are Developers, Designers and various other open source enthusiasts by providing them the good resources and various platforms to interact with the code survivors. Our project is an important part of the Free Software ecosystem. We work with many people around on various projects to create high-quality solutions that span the entire software stack. While the many Codeuino contributors develop code, smash bugs, write documentation, and help users, the Foundation acts as a guiding hand in the process and provides resources and infrastructure. It steers releases, determines what software is officially part of the Project

Get Involved

See Getting Started for how to dive in and Get Involved. We have many teams, which work on various parts of different softwares. We also have active Mailing Lists for discussions and also available at Slack. Take a moment to visit our various [[ | Getting Involved]] page . We have a list of contact details for various projects and functions.

The Codeuino has an official structure and always welcome you to stay with us. You are free to join us and add yourself to this Codeuino Member List.


Teams are part of the official structure of Codeuino. These teams meet on the IRC on #codeuino or use various conference calls like hangouts, slacks, etc. For a list of scheduled or regularly scheduled meetings of many of the committees check the meeting Calendar. Here you will find the missions, names of the people involved, and links to the working documents.

Informal participation in committees via mailing list, Wiki contributions and meeting attendance is encouraged by all interested parties!